About Rose Belle Cosmetics

Rose Belle Cosmetics is owned by a Filipina-American named Isabelle (aka Izzy) Asuncion.

Izzy was only 18 when she started planning on creating a cosmetics business due to her interest in cosmetics and business management. In 2020, she decided to make her dreams of owning her own business come true. Currently studying as a full-time Business Administration Management student, Izzy balances both her business and studies to maintain success in both mediums. In fact, managing Rose Belle Cosmetics is her way of relaxing! "Managing my business takes my mind off of the stress that school and life in general  throws at me." Ever since she was only a child, she has always dreamt of creating and managing her own business. With a love of beauty, and business, Rose Belle Cosmetics was created!

Testimony from Izzy Asuncion:

Rose Belle Cosmetics strives and is proud to be clean, vegan and cruelty-free. Affordability is also something that RBC plans to keep. The reason why I chose to have clean ingredients and choose to be affordable is because when my mother was battling cancer, I remember her trying to find beauty products that only had clean ingredients, and how hard it was to find affordable products. Many markets and businesses tend to mark-up the prices of their products to take advantage of the benefit of clean beauty. However, I believe this is completely wrong and unnecessary.

No one wants to pay for overpriced beauty!

No one should have to hurt animals for vanity!

Everyone should be able to purchase products (that they know are clean and are ethical) comfortably, without having to worry about the price.

Therefore, Rose Belle Cosmetics's mission is to eliminate overpriced beauty, promote the use of clean ingredients, and avoid the hurt of innocent and adorable animals. 

I hope to make my family proud of what I do.

I'll make you smile all the way from the pearly gated paradise, mommy!

I love you, mommy and daddy.


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